Thursday, 15 June 2017

WOW...its been too long

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More than two weeks ( 15 days ) since my last post to be exact..

And what a busy 2 weeks its been...
a bit of a roller coaster emotionally to be fair..😟

it included a lovly holiday to portugal..😎😎🍹

A lovly family day out to an annual air show...πŸ›ͺπŸ›¦✈✈

and 2 visits to our local hospital ( one a lot more worrying than the other )πŸ₯πŸš‘ (thank the Lord ...prayers answered )πŸ“Ώ

and of course several trips for retail therapy .. πŸ›

and of course several Costa trips for social and survival therapy..πŸ˜‰

so thats bought us up to speed ..... And there's more...

But not just yet....😘

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